How We Do It

Chat with one of our Student Services Team
Meet your dedicated Trainer (one-to-one connection)
Learning better comes down to knowledge and preparation. At Mint Training we believe in helping you during this initial set up process. You’ll be in direct contact with one of our experienced team member who will be there to discuss your future goals and study needs and help suggest the best course for you.
On the first day as a student at Mint Training you’ll be introduced to your dedicated Course Trainer. Unlike other colleges, your Mint Training Course Trainer will work alongside of you for the entire duration of your course. You’ll receive rich knowledge, real-world wisdom and hands on practical skills through open interactions and one-to-one communications.

Progress through your course with excellent support
We understand that your performance and success requires us to provide support and open channels of communication. We are there to answer your questions and offer advice and direction.

Contrary to popular belief, you’re not on your own with online learning. We provide interactive tutorials, ongoing support and follow-ups. Our trainers and mentors will reach out and make contact with you throughout your studies.

Student Support Services
How We Support You

Student Services provide assistance with technical support, feedback on course progression and guidance to ensure your educational experience is rewarding and provides tangible outcomes.